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[pct-l] Ice Axes Needed before Toulumne Meadows?

        My daughter, Katrina Reinhardt and boyfriend, Justin Davis are PCT thru 
        hikers this year.  His mother and I are in charge of sending supplies.
        I am trying to find out if they will be needing their ice axes before 
        they reach Toulumne Meadows.  They were in Kennedy Meadows over the 
        weekend and should arrive in Independence around Friday, June 20.   I 
        got a phone call from a VERY nice man who lives around there that they 
        were fine, but there was no phone in Kennedy Meadows so they could not 
        call.  I have time to send the ice axes priority mail to Independence if 
        that seems appropriate.  Does anyone know?
        Thanks for your help!
        Carol Reinhardt 

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