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[pct-l] More on National Recreation Trails

Hi all,

  As promised, here is the response that I received from my query to the
American Hiking Society about the status of National Recreation Trails
designation and protection:

>Because the National Park Service feels that a national recreation trail
>designation provides very little benefit -- no money, no protections -- it is
>looking at two options. One is to stop designating future NRTs. The other is
>to revamp the criteria, so the designation will actually have meaning. Right
>now there are over 800 NRTs in the National Park Service data base. Some
>trails no longer exist. Many NRT managers have no idea that the trail is an
>NRT. And because the criteria is so loose, some of the trails are even on
>Please let me know what your experience is with NRTs in Alaska and which
>route you think the National Park Service should take.
>Mary Margaret Sloan, AHS Conservation Director

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