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[pct-l] Re: time for hiking

Dan wrote:
> It says it all in the lst last line:priorities.  It seems most long distance
> hikers know that the trail means more than a career.  If you have the
> calling to go, then go.  You can always find another job.  Many people leave
> jobs or have established their lives so that free time is what matters;
> teachers with summers off being a great example.  As for my wife and I,
> Since graduation from UCSD two years ago we see too many of our friends
> bogged down on the career tract who will never escape.  Its much easier to
> take less committing jobs, and ones that actually pay fairly well, and wait
> for the next season till we can again box up everything, sublease our place
> or head to storage, and hit the trails again.  Don't let a job be a problem,
> be bold and get out.
> Dan

I agree with what you have said as far as it goes. But you leave one
important thing out and that's responsibility to your family. I have
wanted to hike the AT and/or PCT for over 20 years and if it was just a
job holding me back, I would quit and hike. However, I have a job for
one reason, and that's to support my family. Plus, my kids are young and
need me. As bad as I want to do a thru hike, I just can't see making a 5
month trip the top priority over my responsibility to my family. And, I
would hate to start all over again in a new job that I might not like.
I've worked hard to get where I am. Does that make me any less of a
hiker or make me less bold? I don't think so. I'll just section the
thing until my time comes. But, if you don't have those
responsibilities, then, go for it!

Peter H. Fornof
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