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[pct-l] making time

Scott wrote:

 "What I would like to know is how all you thru hikers can afford to
take the time away (4 or 5 months) from your jobs. Do you just quite them
and get a new one? Or What percentage you are out of high school or
College? I've seen alot seem to have teacher jobs and maybe you are
rangers. I also was wondering what happens to your House or apartments
while you are gone. Do you put everything in storage or sell it. Do you pay
the rent or mortgage for the months your away. Some of you I gather maybe
are in between jobs or divorce ?? My problem is I've got a career type job
(14 years there already) and really they won't give me the time required to
hike the whole thing, and to me its not a option to do it in parts. Just
some questions cause frankly I'm jealous, and would love to do this hike
but need to work out these small details and Priorities."

It says it all in the lst last line:priorities.  It seems most long distance
hikers know that the trail means more than a career.  If you have the
calling to go, then go.  You can always find another job.  Many people leave
jobs or have established their lives so that free time is what matters;
teachers with summers off being a great example.  As for my wife and I,
Since graduation from UCSD two years ago we see too many of our friends
bogged down on the career tract who will never escape.  Its much easier to
take less committing jobs, and ones that actually pay fairly well, and wait
for the next season till we can again box up everything, sublease our place
or head to storage, and hit the trails again.  Don't let a job be a problem,
be bold and get out.


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