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Re: [pct-l] the time is drawing near!!!!

Jeremy (Rude Dog)
I think the most stress I have right now is from work.  Just started Sprin
Break and I have slept great, except for the nightmares about a big project
we've been working on at school that never ends!

I'm so ready to go, the planning and buying is kover, now the waiting.

Like you we have opted to pick up or ice axes at Kennedy Meadows, I may
even bag the tent 'till then.

Our plan right now is that Chris and Isaac wiil go to S. Ca with us and
meet us the first two night at Moreno and MT Laguna.  This will cut
carrying all that food, and the tent, If we don't feel we need the tent
they will take it back with them and we will carry the Bivys and light down
bags.  Its so hard to have any clue about what to expect when we still have
patches of snow in the yard, and it snowed some more just the day before
yeaterday!  The wearmest day yet was 58 and we thought it was cookin'.
Looking at the temps fo S. Ca we have already bagged the fleece until the
Sierras.  Anyone out there with any words of wisdom for us "icelanders"?

Hope to see you and POLITECAT as well as all you other folks on the trail.
Looks like we will be starting the same day as ELOCDIVAD (David) and his
Bob n Bug

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