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Re: [pct-l] the time is drawing near!!!!

I thought that was your trail name.  Good to hear from you.  After your
short spurt of doubt a couple months ago I wasn't sure what was up.  I want
you, as well as all the other '97 hikers, to know that you share our
concern and cares and prayers.  I don't know how all you folks are doing
getting ready if you don't have any close personal support like Joy and I
have.  NOt only do we get the help from Isaac, my son, and Chris, my wife,
but all of the folks at work and church are so supportive and so interested
it really helps.  About the only negatives are from Chris's folks, and they
want us to take a radio, phone and a gun to protect ourselves.  I'd much
rather put my security in God than any of those others.

If you have access to a web browser I have listed some of our foods.  Due
to some questions people have asked I plan to revise the list and make it
more complete, including nutritional values, this week.  The URL is

Since yu have now come out with your age I'll tell lyou that I am 45 and
Joy is 14, she will turn 15 on the trail near Kennedy Meadows, so we may
have a B-Party there.(as a matter of note Chris and I will celebrate 25
years of marriage somewhere in OR, Aug 12)

By the way who is your puppet?  Kermit is our mascot.

Here's hoping to meet each and everyone of you on the trail.

Bob n Bug

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