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[pct-l] 31 days & counting!

Hi Class of '97!
After reviewing the current snow reports on Friday, the "Happy Trails 
Couple", aka Walt & Pat Radney, decided to join you on the trail! We 
have been reading your e-mails regarding your trip plans, concerns, 
fears and also feeling your growing excitment about hiking the PCT.  We 
joined the Association to learn more about the trail in the chance that 
one day (maybe this year--please!) we too would be hiking part/all of 
the PCT -- hoping, but trying not to getting to excited (you know about 
that bubble!) There have been many reasons for our hesitancy, ice, 
snow, trails washed out because of the recent flooding, just to name a 
few!!  There are more reasons that we can add to the list concerning 
family -- you can understand this one right?  Enough excuses!  We live 
in Lovettsville, Virginia, not to far from Leesburg, VA and Harpers 
Ferry, WV.  Pat married a whippersnapper a year younger than her 54 
years.  We will each be celebrating our birthdays on the PCT along with 
our 33rd Anniverwary!  For our 30th Anniversary we hiked for two weeks 
in the Lake District in northern England -- a beautiful place! We have 
backpacked for a week in the Tetons, Grand Canyon and twice in the 
Rockies for a week.  The AT has been calling us to do more than parts 
of it at a time, but the PCT hit us with haunting dreams of beautiful 
vistas, a challenge and charge to share its mystery and wonder!  HOW 
CAN WE REFUSE!  We would like to share the first few days with those 
who will be leaveing May 1st. We know our lack of long distance hiking 
experience will make us the "caboose", but we are willing to take on 
that "respondsibility!"  Hoping to hear from you -- HTC on the PCT!
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