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Re: [pct-l] the time is drawing near!!!!

On Sun, 30 Mar 1997 POLITECAT@aol.com wrote:

> hi all i know i have been pretty quite lately but i am just going quitely
> insane. i have bags of food everywhere i am making gear and pulling my hair
> out. i was also doing interviews for a new nanny(hurray) to take over my job.

I can relate to this. Planning and preparations have absolutely taken 
over my life. Every corner of my condo has boxes with food. You can't see 
my kitchen table any more. It's got food not yet boxed all over it. This 
thing is just taking over my life. I've even had nightmares where I dream 
that I've run out of food during some critical section. 

I have found the perfect cure for all this stress. It's the same thing 
I've always used, backpacking! I just got back from Big Basin. A few 
weekends earlier I was down at Big Sur and next weekend I'm headed for the 
Lost Coast. Not only have these trips helped to get me in better shape, 
they've also pointed out a few minor errors. 

> so i am hear still no trail name still not done with my stuff in fact i do
> not even have my axe yet. my sandles or my brain. i am also stressing just a
> tad cause you see april 1 is my 30th birthday. (shh it's  secrect) i am
> actually really only....um.... i am....20. ya thats right and my mom is 29 ya
> thats the ticket.  

If it bothers you, don't celebrate your birthday. Instead, celebrate the 
first anniversary of your 29th birthday. Have a fun time. 

> so for all you out there goin ginsane like me do not fret you are not alone
> and i am saving a place for you in the next room. the food is bad but the
> view is great. 
> i do have one concern it is about food could someone give me a sample of
> their menu . like breakfast lunch and dinner i think i am not planning to
> well.

Food has been my biggest problem too. The equipment kind of works itself 
out but food is a little tougher. 

For breakfast, I'm alternating between granola cereals and oatmeal with a 
few pop tarts thrown in. Lunch is a bit of a problem right now. A package 
of ramen noodles seems to work okay but that requires cooking so I'm only 
having them about 20% of my lunches. I figure that I can put PB&J on hard 
tack, pita bread or flour tortillas but how much PB&J can a person take. 
Also, pita bread and flour tortillas only keep for about a month so I'll 
have to get my parents to buy that after I've left. I'm still looking for 
more lunch options.

Two thirds of my diners are freeze dried. Not the most creative but easy 
to plan and quick to cook. The rest are pasta and ???

> so any way happy trails to you and if you see a tall gal with a puppet
> strapped to her pack just smile and keep walking it may be polite cat

I'll keep an eye out. Personally, I prefer flamigos to puppets.

-Karl "Walks with Flamigos" Brandt

Karl Brandt                             Center for Integrated Systems
brandt@kibo.stanford.edu                Via Ortega Rd.
(415) 725-3686                          Stanford, CA 94305-4070

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