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Re: [pct-l] the time is drawing near!!!!

hey politecat,
nice to see you back on the list. I'm looking forward to our reuniting in san
fran. If things get bad with gear, let me know. I have an extra ice axe, and
for all that extra food you'll probably be sharing with me I'm sure we can
make some deals! Looks like good news with the snowpack in the sierras. i
don't think i'm taking the axe until kennedy meadows. THANKS Butch and Peggy
for the info!!!

By the way, happy 20th, guess I can't buy you a beer when I get down there,

Polite Cat's partner in crime at Campo,
Rude Dog

Hey Bob n Bug, time's getting really close for you two, how's the food/stress
levels/sleepless nights going. Even when I go to bed at 4 a.m. i'm up by 8
doing whatever I can for the trail! I feel like on the first few nights out
i'm just going to sleep forever!!!
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