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[pct-l] Section A notes for the class of 97

Turn your printer on. Here are some notes on water in section A that don't
appear in the trial guide yet.

Map A-8. There is a new Campground under construction in the vicinity of
the GATR road 6.2 miles north of Mt Laguna Store. There is already a
working faucet and horse trough installed, and it is only about 200 yds off
the trail. Here is how to find it. At the first pipe swing gate after Mt
Laguna, just north of Al Bahr Sriners Camp, the PCT turns right. Go
straight instead on a well worn path. In about 175 yards you will reach the
Penny Pines/Noble Canyon trailhead parking area on Hwy S1. Just across the
road you will see the new galvanized trough and the faucet. It was working
when I checked it yesterday.

Map A-8. 3.9 miles north of Penny Pines there is a horse trough fed by an
above ground tank at on the north end of Pioneer Mail picnic area, just
north of the parking lot, behind the sign. I did not get to it this
weekend, but the Forrest Service has had trouble finding money to keep it
filled. I will try and  give a complete report on water in section A and
snow in the San Jac area before the first of May.

A note on water and horse troughs in California. The California Clean Water
Act mandates that any water available for human consumption must be tested
(daily, I think) for contamination. If it is not tested, it must be
removed. The way the law is written, they cant just lablel it "do not
drink" they actually have to cap off the pipe. This means that many
Campgrounds that used to have water tanks and piped water have had them
removed, because the USFS/BLM doesn't have the money to test the water.

One way around this is to pipe the water into horse troughs. As long as
there is no spiggot, the law is fulfilled. The hiker can still pump the
water, so all is not lost. Don't you just love it when the Government looks
out for you? If you cant have certified water, you must die of thirst!  

Rember this when a certain super hiker complains about all the money being
wasted on horse ammenities along the trail.

Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          
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