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[pct-l] Kamp Anza, Section B

Map B8. Depending on your personal "purity level" I suggest that you use
Kamp Anza Campground as a mail drop/overnight stay. You can leave the trail
and hike paralell to it on the roads until you reach Kamp Anza. For $5 they
will give you a grassy spot to camp, and a shower, they will also hold your
resupply package for free. The free flowning water, and grass will come as
a welcome relief after the endless miles of sandy chaparell you've been
walking through. If you use the post office at Anza instead, it is a very
long way from the trial (10+ miles one way). You will need to hitch hike.

The next morning, leave early and hike north on Terwilliger road till you
reach Hwy 371 (the map doesn't show the road going through, but it does)
and road walk to hwy 74, and stop at the restraunt on the corner for
breakfast, it is quite good. Fill your water bottles, and walk the last
mile back to the trail and start the long climb up into the alpine
ecosystem of Mt San Jacinto (FWIW San Jac is the first area where you need
a wilderness permit). If you stayed on the trail, you would have
sidetracked to the restraunt for water anyway.

Mail your resupply package to:

Your self c/o Kamp Anza Kampground
41560 Terwillger Road Space 19
Anza CA 92539

tel: 909-763-4819
Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          
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