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Re: [pct-l] Section A notes for the class of 97

wow, thanks again brick!
what would we do without you?

I do have a question, though, about cali's water laws. Since "all" water for
human consumption must be tested, can we expect many sources to be plugged,
not knowing ahead of time or not if they've been troughed, yet?

Roughly, how's the snow down in s. cal? With the sierras, we seem to be
getting mixed reports. Some say snowpack of 130-165% while those who live
there are touting lower levels than last year, mucho warmhot days and warm
rains. what gives?
A customer the other day came in who is doing the Continental Divide this
summer. He has to flip flop like a madman because there are parts of the
rockies that are at 240%!!!!! So in comparison, I think we'll be fine this
year, gang.

One last q to the general public, has anyone used my way ray's water
filter/bag or the sweetwater walkabout? i'm still thinking of not using a
filter and having the polar pure as a back-up. we'll see. 
thanks brick!

thanks all!

Is anyone going to update the trail conditions on the pcta page soon? all the
info is from last year. charlie had some great info from last month. how can
that be applied to the page? blah blah
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