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Re: [pct-l] planning overload


August is definitely a good time of the year to hike Oregon.  Not much
bugs and the weather's not too hot.

a)   How far to go?

I would start out with what I currently know I'll feel comfortable
with.  For example, from a previous backpacking trip, if you know you
can go 10 miles per day comfortably, then starting out, you would aim
for 10 miles per day and gradually increase that mileage until you reach
the next resupply point. From that resupply point, use your previous
mileage as the basis for getting to the next resupply point.
Eventually, you'll reach an ideal mileage, after a couple of resupply
points or so.  Since you'll be going with two other people, you may
consider using the mileage comfortable for all three of you starting

b)  Mail drops and amount of food

Pack it as best you can and readjust it once you get to those resupply
points.  Some of those resupply points don't have much such as Hyatt
Lake Resort and Elk Lake Resort, but they have enough to supplement any
last minute changes.  Don't forget to check the hiker's box too.  If you
have extra food, you can leave it behind in the hiker's box for others.
Food does bind hikers together.

c)  Places to avoid on the weekend

Two places that are definitely crowded in the weekends are the Three
Sisters Wilderness and the Eagle Falls alternate route on the way to
Cascade Locks.  The rest is quite empty.  They're beautiful areas
though, so you'll have company to share their beauty.  Three Sisters
Wilderness was crowded enough that I remember I couldn't get into a
rhythm while hiking.  I was bumping into someone every ten minutes or
so.  Eagle Falls area was similar.


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