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[pct-l] Ice Axes

Just as equally important in considering the weight of an ice axe, is giving 
it a good name. It will become your friend and mascot. Mine was named on the 
PCT as "Fred, the pup-ape".  It will humbly stand outside your tent at night 
protecting you from the really bad things that go bump in the night. If the 
weather is exceptionally bad, you can shake it at the clouds. Not only can 
you use it for self-arrest or as a third leg (if its long enough) during 
stream crossings, but its a great replacement for a trowel (hence it really 
gets intimate with you). For refreshing entertainment, you can slip the 
handle of your Sierra cup through the head of the axe, and dip water out of 
the stream without bending over (try this only on gentle streams at first). 
It can be used as a driver when attempting a birdie with pine cones. 
     So name your ice axe. Console it on rainy nights. Sign for it at the 

-Ken Marlow
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