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[pct-l] planning overload


I'm hiking the Oregon segment this August and haven't ever gone
on a hike requiring resupplying. This brings up my current problem
with over planning or rather feeling overwhelmed by all the 

I can roughly guess the number of hiking days between mail drops
and have even studied the guidebook and maps to determine probably
camping sites and waterless stretches and stretches of the Oregon
Skyline Trail that seem like interesting alternatives. I think I can 
handle the case where everything goes as planned. 

However, I'm not sure what daily mileage I'm really going to be 
comfortable with (planning on 15-20) and I'm going to be hiking 
with two other people. I'm not particularly concerned about how
far we get (which contradicts the planning effort.) I want to
be flexible enough to change plans as needed.

What do most people do in terms of planning resupply boxes and
changes to plans (like an interesting side trip or an extra
rest day or detours in search of water)?

How crowded is Oregon in August? Are there any particular stretches
I should try to avoid on weekends?

Looking forward to meeting some of you as you zoom past us on the
trail this summer.
Bob Mitchell                                           
rmitchel@qualcomm.com                         T-230F  x82971
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