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[pct-l] PCT Guidebook

>Ed, thanks for the suggestion that the PCTA publish a handbook on hiking the
>trail. It is an excellent one that we will look into. Does anyone else have
>ideas on how we might put such a book together?


This a bit of a stretch but perhaps you have seen or heard about guidebooks
written and illustrated by A. Wainwright over in England including The
Pennine Way, A Coast to Coast Walk, several about the Lake District, and
others. He died several years back but he is an institution among hikers
over there. They're really beautifully done with hand drawn strip maps and
line drawings, and a running commentary, also hand printed. They are in a
small 5X7 inch format on thin paper so they are extremely packable. I did
several of these walks many years ago and they are the best guidebooks I
have ever used. They have a personality and bring each walk to life in a
way quite unlike the dry versions for the AT and PCT.

What I envision is a five book set of a similar format. Southern, Central,
and Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. The scale should be
somewhat smaller due to the fact that the are less landmarks and greater
distances than the English countryside but still big enough to show every

I have kept a couple of these guides around for the last 25 years and I
would be glad to send them to you for your inspection if I could get them
back when you are done. No hurry. You really should see them as they are
something special! I'll be through hiking the trail for the first time this
summer so let me know if I can be of further help on this project.


                          Andy Strickland
                          Eugene, Oregon

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