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[pct-l] permits

does the pcta handle permits for thru hikers again this year?  how soon in
advance should we get them?

Hi this is *BUG*, bob's daughter i am the one who will be accompaning this
man i supposedly call my father.....just joking. i am getting antsy and
very excited about our trip comming up.  i am very scared that when I leave
school and come back from my trip no one will remember me.  all my friends
are telling me not to go and I get bummed out but then i talk to my close
friends who really understand me and they give me support.  That is what I
learned.  That to get pumped about somthing so dramatic in someones life
like this trip you have to relate to people who know you because those who
tell you not to go, bring you down, when the thing you need most is
support.  *please excuse my run on sentences* lately this is how I have
been feeling.  It is kinda funny, a 14 year old worring about things like
this.  anyways I know that people that are in my shoes ( not really in my
shoes that is used as an expression) know what it is like sincerely-


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