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[pct-l] Foot changes

Politecat and all you other folks,
I can really feel for the emotioal swings you may be going through.  I at
least, have a VERY supportive wife and son, both of whom are willing to
help all they can to make this a memorable journey for Joy and me. It's
hard to imagine not having that personal loving care behind us.

I still worry about things like socks, underwear, do I have enough of this
or that? It may be due to our extended hiking experience that equipment is
not a big isssue, but rather the little things that grabs my attention.

Among the many trivial things that I wake up thinking about for our trip
has been the problem of shoe size changes during the hike.  I would like to
be able to purchase or use some of my heavier boots for the snows in the
Sierras, but if they fit now how will they be later.  I have spent upto six
weeks on the trail at a time, and never had a real problem with my feet
swelling, but Jardine, and other accounts indicate that the heat of the
desert and the continual walking may cause shoe size to expand by one size.
What is the collective wisdom out there on this?  Or ist it as varied as
our feet? : )

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