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[pct-l] well I'll be.....

 as a beginner hiker i found ray book helpful and yet harmful. i had to fight
the need to copy all his ideas. so now as i ready myself for the months
ahead. i am hiking WENDY STYLE. a melting pot of sorts. little bits from you
all little bits from ray and a bit from reading different books. 
i do not know about any of you but for me the hardest has been the food. i
feel like betty crocker on a bad day. my folks and friends hate coming to the
house cause it smells of dring strange food. in fact i made chicken curry
last night and tongight i mde bananna walnut fruit rolls. i am dieanged.  i
feel everyone needs to be who they are and if someone feels there way is the
only way then thay are stuck in a plato of ungrowth. i mean if we all stayed
the same where would we be? no where. anyway it is late and i wanted to say
HI all and i hope everyone is havinga great day.  a a super weekend.

wendy aka polite cat hiker 97 soon and yet to soon and yet not soon enough
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