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[pct-l] Ollalie Lake Guard Station

RE: Ollalie Lake Guard station.

I don't know why it wouldn't be, but with FS downsizing it could close.  You
might want to contact them and find out.  (Of course I don't have the info
here :)  ).

Two things to remember about Ollalie Lake Guard Station:

1)  Yer box can take awhile to get there, because you are mailing a package
to a ranger station.  It then can take a week or so to get it up to the
guard station.  The girl there told me a story about a thru-hiker who was
pissed cause their box didn't show up, and it was mailed two weeks before.
Finally the girl was able to explain the situation to the individual and
they understood.

2)  The Ollalie Lake Guard station has the best hiker swap box (actually it
is a 55 gallon garbage can) on the entire PCT.  You could live a year off
that garbage can!  Butane, powerbars, soup mix, long johns, socks, cocoa,
candy bars, corn pasta, etc.  As Pickaxe Pete Fish wrote in the register there:

"My box didn't show up buy I think I am better off with what is in the hiker


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