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[pct-l] Introduction to the List

Greetings, Journeyers.  I'm 48 years old, retired US Navy, now a single
parent of two teenagers and a substitute teacher in San Diego.  I'm just
an ordinary hiker with no pretentions, and I would like to thru-hike
northbound, probably in about five or six years.  I have done some
hiking in Desolation, basically from Meeks Bay to Carson Pass, and then
in and around Yosemite.  I have just finished Ray Jardine's book, but I
won't take sides.  I have about a million questions, on everything from
equipment to planning to supply drops, but those answers will come in
time.  Right now, I'd like to meet some of this year's northbound
thru-hikers.  Of course, I'd like to meet you all on the Trail, and that
may come with time as well, but right now, if any of you are unfamiliar
with the San Diego area and could use some help with logistics, just
email me.  It would be my pleasure to help, including pick up at the
airport, some local logistics transportation, a place to stay for
awhile, and a ride to the trailhead.  I have no commercial interest in
this whatsoever.  I'm just an ordinary hiker who would like to meet
other ordinary hikers.  Although I don't run a hotel or a bus line, if
you let me know your plans in advance, I will make my best honest effort
to make the San Diego end of the Trail a happy experience for you. Hope
to hear from many of you.  Bob Riess
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