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[pct-l] Re: The PCT Hikers Handbook

Brick: That was a great post. I needed to add a few more ideas on this
subject. I really wish someone would have published a book like the
Handbook before Ray did. I mean yes there are a few good ideas in the book
and the itinerary is especially helpful-- but the negative aspects of the
book really overshadow these aspects. 
	I really wish someone would publish a more holistic approach to hiking the
PCT. You see the Handbook is really the only book out there on the subject-
that is the book that people who are planning on hiking the trail are most
likely to come across. When I first read the book I got the clear image in
my mind that the only proper way to hike the trail is to follow his ideas.
I mean I was about to backpack in areas I have never been before and I had
never been backpacking for 5 months at a time before--- I did not know what
to expect. 
	The PCT hiking book I would prefer to be published is a book that does not
have the pious, egotistical attitude the Handbook has. In this book
different ways to hike the trail would be explored-- perhaps several
different people could be co-authors to provide different viewpoints. But
most importantly it needs to be written with the idea that the ideas are
suggestions and helpful tips, not a way to do it.
	I dont know, perhaps I will write it. Anyway just my ideas....

Ryan Christensen
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