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[pct-l] Re: VB followup

     There was a good response to my query about vapor barrier (shirts).
I thank all of you who responded!  At this point I have contacted Stephenson
for a catalog and plan to checkout Piragis Northwoods, too.  Per your comments
this is something I need to experiment with before committing to.
     I'm wondering if I'm too paranoid about the cold weather that I can
expect to encounter on a thru-hike per R. Jardine's suggested schedule (i.e.,
timing your hike to hit the Sierras in mid-June).  I tried to find some
historical climate data on-line for some of the weather-reporting stations 
that they have in the Sierras but was unsuccessful.  Could anyone point me to 
a good reference or even hazard a guess as to the average/minimum temperatures 
that would be reasonably encountered?

(email: kevin.oleary@tempe.vlsi.com)
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