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[pct-l] Sierra temps


I left Campo April 16, 1989 and arrived at the southern end of the Sierras
during the last week of May (i.e., arrived at Crabtree Ranger Station on
May 31).  I kept a daily journal and tried to guesstimate the temps I
encountered.  Between May 31 and June 17 (when I arrived at Reds
Meadow/Mammouth), I recorded a variety of temps between 30 F and 80 F.  I
note snow flurries on a few days, too.  I do remember freezing to death
during several nights on the John Muir Trail.  If you want more info, let
me know.  My memory is rapidly deteriorating but my trusty journal
retains the facts! Have you tried looking for climatological data books at
a University Library?  

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