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Re: [pct-l] Re: VB followup

You can never plan too much, You can never collect too much
information,, but you can worry too much.  Be prepared but don't get too
anxious about the temperatures.

My 1981 climate experiences were similar to JoAnne Oliver's, although I
did not see any snow fluries,  The lowest temperature I measured was 28
degrees F the mornign we went through forester pass (my thermometer
seemed to have about a 2 hour lag on measuring air temperature, so I
assumed it hit 28 around 4 AM).  I felt very cold that night, even
though my North Face down bag was rated to minus 5.  I had frequently
used it outside at home in zero degree weather sleeping in only shorts
and a t shirt and never felt cold.

I concluded that hiking all day long consumed so much of my energy that
I did not generate as much heat at night as I normally would have. 
(I've considered whether the down in my bag might have lost its
insulating value due to me sweating at night, which is a real
possibility, but typically I'd pull my bag out at lunch every day, hang
it in the sun to dry it out.  This seemed to work.)  The only hot meal I
had was my Mountain House dinners.  In retrospect, more warm food
through the high Sieras probably would have been a good idea, but its
tough to trade off weight for food.  I also hiked the days in shorts and
either a red nylon mesh shirt or polypropolene long underwear shirt.  I
always felt a little cool,  Probably wearing my gore tex rain jacket
would have been a good idea, but I generate so much heat when I hike, I
probably would have bee soaking from sweat.  My Marmot Warm Two down
parka was great for around camp, but too warm for all but the coldest

My recommendations are a down parka and a bag rated to zero.  IMHO, I
doubt you'll need a VB shirt or bag liner.

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