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[pct-l] Another Equipment Tip

Good evening, Hiker,

I don't trust any zipper.  The only ones I have on any of my trail hiking
gear are on my windshirt front and pockets, and I think I will replace that
garment with a pull-over without any zippers.  For low pressure walks or
hikes I sometimes use a little zippered butt-pack, but I have tacked a short
piece of Velcro fuzz-tape to the zipper pull, and attached the hook part of
the Velcro to the pack at the end.  It has always worked.

My zippered windshirt is the second one I have had.  The zipper on the first
one failed on a trip, and when another hiker heard me complain about it he
asked where it had been made.  The name tag was Sierra Designs, but looking
further it said, "Made in Russia."  He said that was all I should expect
from junk made in Russia, and I should buy some quality gear.
Unfortunately, the other hiker was of Japanese, as was the YKK zipper which
had failed.


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> As we go down the trail sometimes our equipment zippers are secretly
sliding open.  A simple way to stop this is to put a little glue on the
zipper tracks.  I do this on my belly pouch and glue the zipper to where I
do not want them to open any further. They still open enough to get things
in and out easily.
> Before I would sometimes get to a break spot or camp and notice a zipper
partly open.  I would panic and wonder if anything had fallen out somewhere
back on the trail.  Not anymore.  Another trail tip from Switchback.
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