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[pct-l] Carrying Water

I finally got around to reading my emails today and noticed some previous 
comments about carrying water.  I have a G4 pack and use the two bottle straps on 
the should straps for a total of 1 liter, my belly pack for 2 liters, and 
when needed two across the shoulders pouches (they hang about 10 inches below my 
arm pits) for 3 more liters for a total of 5 liters with NO EXTRA WEIGHT IN 
THE PACK.  If I need more, then I will carry only 1-2 more liters in the pack.  
This is a very flexible and easy system to use.  By the way, I use SmartWater 
(the clear flavored type) until it runs out.  Very good stuff-absolutely 
excellent.  Also, the glue I use to stop zippers from accidentally sliding open, is 
Elmer's regular glue.  Happy trails, Switchback