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[pct-l] looking for sunglasses recommendations

At the risk of looking like a true yuppie and spendthrift, I have to say
that I love my Oakley M-frames.  They're light, they're comfy, they don't
fog, and have excellent visual clarity.  The frames are also stupidly
fragile - although they do honor their 1-year warranty if the glasses are
bought at an authorized dealer, like Sunglass Hut.

Otoh, my husband has some of the cheapies from the local hardware store and
swears by them. ...

I'd suggest trying on pairs and seeing what fits your face.

Christine "Ceanothus" Kudija
PCT partially '94

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hi all-

i'm hiking the jmt in sept. does anyone out there have any specific
recommendations for a pair of sunglasses? apart from uv protection, my
main concerns are to get something very lightweight and that won't fog
up when i get hot/sweaty. i know, the best plan is to just go out and
try on a bunch of them, but before i do that i just figured i'd at least
ask to see if anyone on the list is just *crazy* about a particular
make/model. i'm prepared to splurge if i have to, but at the same time i
don't want to fall victim to the "it's expensive, so it MUST be good" thing.

thanks in advance!


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