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[pct-l] Re: ( Greg , you may be a strong third!!!)

Tom wrote:

>Seriously, the publicity lady said that if we did either the "History" or
>"PCT" thing on VHS, she would get it run on cable TV in the area. We figure
>2003 for the slide/sound show and 2004 for the VHS.

	Ensure to ink only a deal that limits reproduction of your
image and includes generous merchandising royalties and residuals!
Sure, now you're happy to do the work, but in ten years when every
other kid is wearing the 'Strider Rules' t-shirt and keeps a shelf
full of Strider(R) action figures ("Hat sold seperately!!") at home,
or when parents vie for their kid's photo with the guy inside the
cartoon Strider suit at 'PCT-Land', you'll thank me.
Kevin Corcoran