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[pct-l] PCT Planning

If you live in Southern California and are considering a future thru or
section hike you may be interested to come to my talks, "The PCT -  A
Perspective of 25 Years", at the Adventure 16 stores over the next two weeks.

I'm not an expert on all of the strategies and all of the gear selections,
but I will be presenting a few good opinions on all and also a look back at
what has changed in these regards over the last 25 years along with a few of
my 1977 thru-hike slides.  I'll be comparing some of the key gear between
today's ultra light strategy versus the old "prepared-for-anything" approach.

I'll also be handing out resources for information and gear on the internet
and literature on the PCTA.

And last but not least I will explain why a thru or long section hike at the
threshold of adulthood can have profound positive consequences on the rest of
your life (of course, all of you already know this!).  I hope that you will
come out and come away a bit inspired.

All of the talks start at 7:00 PM.  The schedule is;

Tues., Nov. 12  at Costa Mesa
Wed., Nov. 13 at West L.A.
Thurs., Nov. 14 at Tarzana
Tues., Nov. 19 at San Diego
Wed., Nov. 20 at Solana Beach

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel