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[pct-l] Film cameras

Hi all,

I'm looking to replace my now defunct Olympic Epic Stylus Zoom 80.

I thought I would want to switch to digital for my PCT thruhike next year
and was playing close attention to a recent discussion on AT-L but now I'm

I expect to be traveling for three or four months this winter and I'll
likely be somewhere in Central or East Africa, Southeast Asia, or Australia
and New Zealand.  If it was Australia and New Zealand, I would stick with
digital as I would likely have a choice in batteries and potential to
download pictures here and there as well.

But, the other locations would probably add logistical nightmares if I went
with a digital camera.

Given that, should I just buy another Olympus?  The last time I looked at
cameras was in '99.  Are there any new cameras that people would recommend?

I was only moderately happy with my pictures.  Not sure if that was because
of me, the camera. the developing, etc.


Thanks everyone,

Stitches, AT99

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