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SV: [pct-l] Film cameras

Didn't follow the discussion on the AT-list, but if I were to get a new cam=
era now I'd look really hard on the digital options. I'd go for a model wit=
h 4/5 megapixel and a zoom. Even 3 megapixel would be ok if yo're not plann=
ing to make big prints. How much zoom depends on your preferences. I'd also=
 make sure the camera would work with standard AA batteries. That way you c=
an forget charging and only the storage problem remain.
And I think you can also solve that. That is if your budget allows it. "Che=
apest"are compact flash. You can get a Microdrive - 1 GB for maybe $250 (a =
Microdrive is a tiny disk --> use more batteries). Or a 512MB CF card for a=
round $200. And that's even without searching for the best prices. Figure 1=
-2MB for each picture and that gives you quite a few pictures with even one=

But the real question was which analog camera. I'd go for 35 mm as you're m=
ore likey to get film anywhere. How much zoom and features depends on how m=
uch you want to pay, and also how much you want to carry. New since your la=
st search is the Yashica T4 zoom. Never tried it, but with a 28-70 zoom len=
s from Carl Zeiss - known for high quality lenses - this should definetly b=
e a model worth checking.
I was happy with my Pentax with 38-160mm zoom. But a 28 wide angle really m=
akes a difference in a tight spot. Today, I'd give up the tele to get more =
wide angle. There's a bewildering number of models, but I know both Pentax =
and Olympus have models with zooms that start at 28mm. I'd find the model t=
hat best suits your preferences between size, price, features and zoom rang=
e. A remote is also convenient. Also note that few digital cameras have 28 =
mm (equivalent) wide angle.