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[pct-l] re:campfires

I'll light a match to that!! hehehehehe

At 01:59 AM 8/29/02 EDT, CMountainDave@aol.com wrote:
>I would like to see campfires managed the same way it was at Bowron Lakes in
>Canada: Your user fees go to pay a ranger to gather and cut up fire wood
>(correctly) that is waiting for you when you get into camp! Now THAT'S user
>friendly AND I get something for my money besides just a ranger checking my
>permit. And even the Grand Canyon now admits that campfires have an aesthetic
>value (it's in writing) and allow river runners to burn driftwood as long as
>they practice "no trace" and get rid of the ashes.
>   Sure, ultralights don't care about campfires. There isn't enough time
>after a 30 mile day to start one if you have to be in the sack 10 minutes
>after stopping to avoid shivering. The sight of people enjoying good
>conversation around a warm glow in the night must make them wonder if there
>is more to camping than just lying down in a sleeping bag
> Campfires now, campfires then and campfires FOREVER!
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