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[pct-l] Campfires...

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Rich writes:

> Burning "natural" wood fuel does not contribute
> to the demiss of the enviro as compared to 200,000,000 plus cars in this
> country!! Plus the emission content is still disastorus from autos
> even with the new EPA regs.

I think that you're missing the point.  My point is that ALL sources of air
emissions are not good.  The Sth California Air Quality Management District
has gone after ALL sources of emissions to help solve the Sth Calif. air
problem.  They even go after sources that seem to be so small to be
ridiculous, even smaller than a campfire would emit.

Burning "natural" wood DOES contribute to massive air pollution and has made
Denver one of the worst air pollution centers in the U.S. during the winter
as well as other cities, leading to regulations on fireplaces, inserts and
wood burning stoves.

Even the lowly campfire contributes and, to the point, more so in my little
valley high in the Sierras on a calm night than ANY other source because it
is local and unable to be massively diluted.

I agree that car and truck emissions are a huge problem, let alone the
massive loss of life and maiming that occurs.  I also agree that Bush's
thinly veiled attempt to help the lumber companies by "thinning to prevent for
est fires" is wrong.   Comparing the emissions of a campfire to the emissions
of a forest fire is also ridiculous and similar to comparing the emissions of
a propane stove to those from a volcano.  One we can control the other is,
for the most part, natural.  Let's just stick to the stuff that we can
control.   More regulation to improve air quality is okay with me and it
isn't for no reason.  I can see the reasons first hand and no one needs to
hold my hand and explain or justify every detail for me to get it.

I'll get off of my air quality soap box now.  Attack Jeffrey, he started it


"Salvitur Ambulando"
(walking solves all things)  - even air pollution!
            St. Augustine