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[pct-l] re:campfires

I would like to see campfires managed the same way it was at Bowron Lakes in
Canada: Your user fees go to pay a ranger to gather and cut up fire wood
(correctly) that is waiting for you when you get into camp! Now THAT'S user
friendly AND I get something for my money besides just a ranger checking my
permit. And even the Grand Canyon now admits that campfires have an aesthetic
value (it's in writing) and allow river runners to burn driftwood as long as
they practice "no trace" and get rid of the ashes.
   Sure, ultralights don't care about campfires. There isn't enough time
after a 30 mile day to start one if you have to be in the sack 10 minutes
after stopping to avoid shivering. The sight of people enjoying good
conversation around a warm glow in the night must make them wonder if there
is more to camping than just lying down in a sleeping bag
 Campfires now, campfires then and campfires FOREVER!