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[pct-l] Campfires...

> The only major exception to this would be places like Yosemiite Part
> where the  huge valley holds the smoke most days until the wind
> picks up...and there are not too many places like YNP that hold
> the smoke that insidiously.
> Rich

	You might be surprised. I suspect most would consider Montana an
unlikely place to find air pollution, but my hometown of Missoula was at
one time one of the smoggiest in the nation during the winter, due to a
combination of industry, auto exhaust and wood smoke. Restricting the
use of fireplaces and wood stoves during inversions has gone a long way
towards eliminating what was once regular Stage I air alerts.

	Again, the problem is due to the city's location in a mountain valley,
but that's not nearly as uncommon as you might think.


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