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[pct-l] Wonderland Trail Vs. John Muir Trail?

I have done the Wonderland Trail in September (got snowed on) and the JMT
from Tuolumne Meadows in September (got sunned on). Can't say anything about
the climb out of Yosemite Valley.

Trail: I think the Wonderland Trail has far more ups and DOWNS than the JMT,
which seems to be pretty much up, up , up. The Wonderland Trail is wetter
and has more foliage and trees and glaciers. The JMT should be pretty dry
but with plenty of drinking water. Streams will be low. No swinging bridges.
No blueberries. The JMT is obviously much higher than the Wonderland Trail
(unless you climbed Rainier). You can camp most anywhere. However, there are
"trained" bears on the JMT (that is why they are now requiring bear
canisters). A different experience. I prefer the JMT because of the vistas
and the type of terrain.

As for clothing, etc. I didn't take nor need anything more than I took on
the whole PCT trek. Most likely nights will be cold, but dry; days hot and
sunny (shorts/T-shirt weather). Take a good sleeping bag, wind/rain gear,
extra socks, long polypropylene tops/bottoms, fleece, warm hat, gloves, etc.
Bugs should not be a problem.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
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> Howdy all !!
> My wife and I are  planning to through hike the John Muir Trail in
> September.  My wife has hiked the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier.
> We were wondering how the JMT stacked up on  daily basis to the
> Wonderland Trail.
> So, those of you who have done both, how does the daily slog compare?
> If you have done the JMT in September, how much clothing would you take
> if you were going to do it again??
> Dave Duncan
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