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[pct-l] Hiking Sandals

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I have used Teva Wraptor sandals for a few years with SuperFeet inserts.  I
use Velcro tape to secure the food pads in the sandals.  Yes, I do have to
kickout the pebbles periodically against a tree or boulder, but no big deal.
I use two inter socks on each foot (Patagonia and Coolmax).  I find I always
have cool feet and NO BLISTERS.  I recommend using two walking poles and
training in the sandals.  If you have weak ankles, this might not be for you.
 It is a super comfortable way to hike.  In camp you just take off the socks
and use the sandals.  You have to wash the socks anyway.  This system is
worth a try.  Happy trails, Switchback