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[pct-l] trail tread and other curiosities

I have a few questions if you all don't mind.

I've been wondering what the trail tread is like on
the PCT?  I'm sure it varies considerably over the
length of the trail, but generally what's it like?  Is
it soft sand, hard dirt, lots of rocks and stumblets?
Is the trail wide or narrow?  Is it well-kept?  Except
for snow obscuring the trail, is it easy to follow or
does it require extensive map and compass work?  Is it
well-marked or does the section of guidebook stay
glued in your hand or to the end of your nose?  I've
heard (or read) that the trail's grade is no more than
10% at any given time.  Is that true or do you spend
hours/days on the Stairmaster from Hell, climbing
steps that never end?

Nobody really talks about the trail itself.  Anybody
care to share?


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