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[pct-l] trail tread and other curiosities

In a message dated 8/22/02 7:36:35 PM, stillroaming@lycos.com writes:

<< In my opinion, GPS on the PCT is totally unnecessary. >>

Apparently, at least one hiker agrres with you. Somewhere in the San
Jacinto's I came across a garbage bag along side the trail, along with what
appeared to be packets of military rations type food. It  kind of looked like
somebody was taking a break and had left their stuff to go for water or
something. I took a break and gradually noticed the holes that the critters
had chewed through the garbage sack. It slowly dawned on me that the pile had
been ditched, so I took a look: inside were about 30 pounds of gps maps for
the entire PCT, and many pounds of ration type food. I'm sorry to admit that
I, too, found all of it useless. I picked up some of the scattered garbage,
but decided that the GPS manuals/ maps were exceedingly boring reading
material so I left them right where they lay