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[pct-l] 2 short questions

I agree on the question of 'can the dogs do that type of distance?'
dogs do not have as efficient a cooling system as we do.  they tend
to overheat and die much easier.  Unfortunately, I know this from
experience.  Please make sure your dogs can handle the heat of summer
and the distance.


> Last I knew, dogs were OK on the Crater Lake trails if
> on a leash. I have seen them there. Carry water! Also,
> take the alternate route as you get into Crater Lake -
> goes by water.
> Regarding the 24+ mile days. Oregon is the easiest state
> and the resupply places are normally open every day and
> have later hours. So, most folks doing a through hike,
> will be able to do 22-25 OK. So, what you are planning
> is possible, but even in good shape folks may find that
> different muscles are being used and the feet can't take
> it. Also, weather may turn bad and you can't go as fast.
> So, I'd try to add in a couple of more days. I think 15
> days would be better.
> And one more thing: you may be able to do consistent 26
> mile days - can your dogs? I'd say this is your thing
> and not your dogs. Before I would try this with my dog,
> I'd want to make sure he could take it - and mine
> wouldn't - and he would let me know. I'd be carrying my
> gear and the dog.
> --
> Marshall Karon
> Portland, OR
> m.karon@attbi.com
>> A couple quick questions for any of you who have hiked the PCT in
>> Oregon: 1) Are dogs allowed thru the Crater Lake area, and if not
>> what way around that problem is there?
>> 2) Is planning to hike 246 miles in 10 days a crazy idea on that
>> trail for a couple guys in good shape?
>> Thanks for any replies and best of hikes to you all.
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