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[pct-l] Re: hiking/backpacking clubs


If you live in the Salem area (as I gather?), the Sierra club has a
chapter there and they sponsor hikes and backpacks around the area,
which can be a great resource for learning the local trails and getting
a feel for it. You can find their webisite here:


It also has links to other local outdoor groups.

I also recommend the book by Townsend "The Backpacker's Handbook" which
is a good resource on who to choose gear, has checklists of recommended
stuff for different types of trips, and lots of generall good advice.

The main thing is to get outside. Before you invest in lots of stuff,
just put your sneakers on and get out for the afternoon. Heck, start at
Silver Falls State Park if you've never been there. Getting outside is
truly the way to find out what works for you.

Welcome to the beginning of the path.


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