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[pct-l] 2 short questions

Last I knew, dogs were OK on the Crater Lake trails if
on a leash. I have seen them there. Carry water! Also,
take the alternate route as you get into Crater Lake -
goes by water.

Regarding the 24+ mile days. Oregon is the easiest state
and the resupply places are normally open every day and
have later hours. So, most folks doing a through hike,
will be able to do 22-25 OK. So, what you are planning
is possible, but even in good shape folks may find that
different muscles are being used and the feet can't take
it. Also, weather may turn bad and you can't go as fast.

So, I'd try to add in a couple of more days. I think 15
days would be better.

And one more thing: you may be able to do consistent 26
mile days - can your dogs? I'd say this is your thing
and not your dogs. Before I would try this with my dog,
I'd want to make sure he could take it - and mine
wouldn't - and he would let me know. I'd be carrying my
gear and the dog.

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
> A couple quick questions for any of you who have hiked the PCT in Oregon:
> 1) Are dogs allowed thru the Crater Lake area, and if not what way around that
> problem is there?
> 2) Is planning to hike 246 miles in 10 days a crazy idea on that trail for a
> couple guys in good shape?
> Thanks for any replies and best of hikes to you all.
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