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[pct-l] Re: 33+ miles/day average

Hey there Strider,
I like your posts and no offense taken here.

>From my 6'2" son, who is chairman of Mtn Rescue in Seattle.
(I am sure I taught him all the basics - (tongue in cheek).

I have stood at attention and promised never to hike alone again
and yes I will take a Cell phone even if I am in an area I know they
will not work....

I have promised this on Scouts honor.

So if I do get the desire to hike alone and every so often this does 
happen, especially if I cannot find someone to hike with me when I want
to go NOW. Then I think of my family and my absolute great kids who 
encourage me in everything I undertake.  So I really will not hike alone
Cheers,   Marge (the old gal)