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[pct-l] Washington conditions

Han Solo was motivated, in part, by a desire to break my PCT speed record. 
(84 days 6 hours) We've talked via email, so I'm sure he'd be the first to 
admit that such a pace entails higher than normal risk. Fatigue, hiking at 
night and in bad weather, and other factors increase the chances that 
something will go wrong. When combined with the desire to go as light on 
gear as possible, ones safety margin can be compromised.

I'm NOT condeming Han Solo. I believe he had the experience to make an 
informed decision not to carry an ice ax. But mistakes happen. This should 
be a lesson to those who will follow in his footsteps and mine. I carried an 
ice ax in '01 and I recommend that everyone else does too. A Camp HL 250 
weighs just 8+ ounces.

I was rooting for Han to break my record, and I gave him my best advice on 
how to do so. Records are made to be broken. I hope he's all right.

Flyin' Brian

>From: kahley <kahley@ptd.net>
>To: pct-l@mailman.backcountry.net
>Subject: [pct-l] Washington conditions
>Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 16:29:03 -0500
>Just had a call from Han Solo on my machine.  He has taken a fall
>and it took him three days to bail out to Wahatchee (?).  He says
>yes to the ice ax.  He did not have his.  He said all the SOBOers
>are ripped up from falls.
>Tough go..he should have finished this week.  He doesn't think he
>can hike anymore.  Be careful out there folks.
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