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[pct-l] Re: 33+ miles/day average

One other issue that raises flags for me is that it is clear that Hans was 
solo hiking (ah, I get the name now "Hans Solo").  I believe the first rule 
of backpacking is "never hike alone".  This fall and the one that Marge, "the 
old gal" did in the San Jacintos and the guy that died from a fall going over 
New Army Pass and the guy that died from a fall below Fuller Ridge on the 
north side of San Jacinto . . . all could have survived or had a lot less 
pain and suffering by not violating this simple rule.  

Now, having said that, I am guilty as hell and have violated that rule also 
as I'm certain many of you commonly do.  We know the wilderness, its 
conditions, its risks, its tendency to change in a second, and we have spent 
many, many days - weeks - months or years there honing our skills.  So now we 
are damn well prepared and can go out there alone and handle ourselves 
perfectly fine because we are . . .

 . . .  well . . .

 . . . 

we become arrogant as hell!  

And one day when we're out there all alone and enjoying the grand view . . . 
a little slip, miss-step and 


I think that maybe I'm going office crazy and really NEED to get out and stay 

Greg "Strider" Hummel

PS: No offense, no judgement of anyone nor any hiking strategy is intended in 
this message.  If you choose to be offended by my posts then you have the 
choice to not read them and simply hit delete.