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[pct-l] Manning Park Questions

The area code changed. Try this number:
Manning Provincial Park, Canada

  Manning Park Lodge (250) 840-8822

      Campground open; rooms; meals

I found this on the web:

      Contact: Manning Park Resort
      P.O. Box 1480 Hope, BC, V0X 1L0
      Phone: (250) 840-8822

Several years ago they did accept a package - exactly with the contents you
want. Call them to confirm and get the address. The official word is that
they won't accept packages, but ... Will you take a room with them for a
night? Might help. I expect that UPS would be the best way to ship

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> Folks, what's the deal with the resupply (town clothes
> sent in bump box) at Manning Park?
> Are they willing to recieve packages?
> The data book's number isn't working for me
> (604-840-8836).  Has it been updated or are my phone
> skills lacking?
> I think I have it all now...but that's what I thought
> last time.  I'll be asking you a few more questions
> before I leave forshure.
> Thanks!
> -Amigo
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