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[pct-l] Trail Angel article

Okay, in fairness, it turns out the article has a tricky script of some =
sort that prevents text copying of the first several lines, and since we =
don't want to copy the whole page, images and all, we are thus =
encouraged like good little readers to obtain our free subcription to =
the LA Times online. So shall it be done...

The article is enjoyable fluff, but no photos of the Saufleys could be =
found... Publicity for the PCT has its ups and downs. Unlike with the AT =
in 2002, a greater public awareness of the PCT could do a lot of good, =
in terms of legitamizing and financing a more fully protected corridor. =
But like the AT in this age, any publicity comes at the risk of =
eventually despoiling the resource that we're trying to protect. With =
all due respect to the dedicated trail angels out there, I believe the =
PCT "carrying capacity" for those who would adopt various segments in a =
hiker-supportive way is, or should be, lower than what we now find on =
the AT. The PCT _can_ handle a fair greater number of hikers, but I =
would not wish to see a correspondingly higher incidence of visible =
"support evidence" along the corridor. Many PCT thru-hikers are AT =
graduates, and one opinion many of them, though not all, have cultivated =
along the way is that obtaining a masters degree should require more =
effort and skill than that of a bachelors degree.=20

- blisterfree

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