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[pct-l] Embarrassing question

I've been subscribing to this list for close to a year because I'm =
planning my pct thru hike in 2004 (something I've wanted to do since I =
was 16).  I have somewhat of a problem though. I am now 40 and have been =
hiking and backpacking since I was a boyscout in Oregon and it's one of =
my passions in life.  When I was around 12, I was on an outing with my =
boyscout troop and during the middle of the night something kept slowly =
walking around my tent with a slow heavy breathing for about 1/2 hour =
(although it seems like an eternity).  I layed in my tent totally =
paralyzed with fear to the point where I couldn't even wake up the other =
guy sharing my tent and I never found out what that thing was. I have =
never forgotten that night back in the 70's and ever since then, been =
unable to get a good night's sleep when backpacking.  I usually stay =
wide awake until it starts to get a little light in the east and then =
I'm able to sleep for a couple of hours.  In the past I have only done =
one solo night and now planning another solo trip in the next few weeks. =
 One of my main goals is to work on getting over my fear of sleeping in =
the wilderness.  My love of backpacking outweighs my fear and I need =
some help in making it somewhat more easy for me to conquer this.  Any =
Thanks in advance,

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