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[pct-l] Found: Out door Design hat with neck cover, Upper Shake.

 I found the above hat at the beginning of the trail to the Upper Shake campground on 5/19/2002. This is just before the PCT turns North to go to Three Corners.
Please contact 510 526 2648 or email with information where you would like to have the hat sent.
  Evangeline Lowrey <eganjaline@hotmail.com> wrote: I thru hiked last year, and want to get out to do some trail magic this year.  Only thing is my only available weekend is 6/15-6/16.  So the question is:  where can I have the most impact on that date?  In theory, hikers should have just left KM, so maybe I can support the Lone Pine Plan.  Walker Pass also seemed like a good idea.  What do you all think?  

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